Holy Spirit Charismatic Church
We are God's Church of Miracles and Healing
You Need a Miracle Now, and you can get it right away !!!
YES !!! You can get your Holy Water of Miracles and Healing NOW !!!
and this certainly will be followed my the most important one of all miracles,

Welcome to God's Church of Miracles and Healing!
God Has Showered His Grace Upon You, and He Has Forgiven You All Your Sins!

If Tomorrow Was The Last of the Days, Where Would You Go?
By Now certainly is the Time for You to Revive Your Faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord!
You can Get Irrefutable Proof of
the Power of God Now!
Simply get Your Holy Water of Miracles and Healing Now!
and God will Shower You with Miracles and Blessings!

We are inviting you to join us Every Sunday at 12 noon Eastern time USA in our

Sunday Miracle Services !!!  All you need to do to be successful is click here to participate and to experience Your Miracle of Holy Water, and - most importantly - with faith and prayer you can experience a wealth of Miracles, which God provided for you since the beginning of time!!!  Join us Every Sunday at 10 a.m. Eastern Time, USA and experience Your Miracles !!!

What follows is very important for you to consider BEFORE you decide to ask God for a miracle!
Above all:  If you decided to pray to God for a miracle and if you want this miracle to happen, you need to believe in the power of God.

Without Faith, no Miracle !!!  

By now it is the time to show that you believe in the infinte power of God and His love for you and all of humankind !!!  Then God will shower His grace upon You !!!  And then, once you have your Miracle Card, God will shower you with blessings and miracles exceeding even the most daring of your dreams and desires!

And, as Jesus said, because of the Power of Your Faith, the Power to Perform Miracles can be Yours too !!!  Just ask and it will be given to You !!!

Most importantly:  You need to show your faith in God first !!!

God can do anything. Our God is the God of miracles. There is nothing
impossible for God to do. Whatever the circumstances or situations may be, whether it be physical, spiritual, or monetarily,
God can and will help us.
(Job 42:2, Matt. 19:25)

Only confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, turn from your sins, believe
  in your heart that Jesus is the Son of God, that he died for your
sins, and rose from the dead,and you will be saved.
(Rom. 10:9-10)

We believe that the "prayer of faith" and faith in God solves problems and
changes circumstances. (James 5:14,15)

Show Your Faith in Jesus the Christ, then the Grace of God will Shower Upon You
Granting You Miracles and Blessings exceeding by far Your most daring Dreams! 
Enter the Cathedral of the Kingdom of God and Ask for the Holy Water of Miracles and Healing Now,
for ...  Ask and Ye Shall Receive!

Just a few Testimonials...

I had BIG problems in my marriage and decided to believe in the power of God. When I received my Miracle Card I felt immediately the power of God radiating from this marvelous gift! The Holy water was the most amazing thing I ever experienced!  My faith grew stronger and stronger and soon our marriage was back to where it has been! and by now, I am helping others, and my future is secured! Praise the Lord - Halleluyah!

Mary S., Atlanta, GA

My business was on the brink of bankruptcy.  I am a regular church goer, but did so more out of habit than out of true faith in God.  At that difficult time a friend told me about the Miracle Card.  I resisted at first, but I was truly filled with awe when God allowed me to feel His power on the card.  I opened my heart to Jesus right then, asked for the permanent card, and within just two weeks all of my problems were solved.  Thanks to Jesus I am prospering again!

Bruce N., Schenectaday, NY 

I was seriously in debt.  I had no job and my house was about to be foreclosed!  I tried the lottery as my only means of raising money to get me over this problem, with no results!  In my despair I spent my last money seeking help from psychics and voodoo practitioners.  I should have known that Satan promises, but he never keeps word!  I finally put all my trust in Jesus and I asked for my Miracle Card!  I received three blessings in a row and then I got the job that I was always dreaming of.  And every time I drink the Holy Water, I feel the power of the Lord in my body and soul - it just tastes much sweeter than the water from which it is transformed with the help of the Card of Miracles and healing!  Thank you Jesus!  Thank you!

Angela K., New Orleans, LA

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